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I’m Steve Muncy and SteveMuncyPhoto is my photography site.
I shoot with both digital and film cameras. My primary interests are landscape, architectural and street photography
I’m retired from a thirty year career in the fire protection industry and spend my time in either Dallas, Texas or Corrales, New Mexico.
Prints of some of my images are available from my online store. For specifics, see the link for gallery prints. 
Photobooks are available through Blurb. See the link above for my books and zines.
Copyright Information
All images on this site are copyrighted by me, Steve A. Muncy. You are not allowed to download them for reuse without asking me. Use without my permission is theft of copyrighted material and it really will make me angry-really, really angry.  However, I’m a generous kind of guy and will probably allow a one-time non-commercial use of a photo if you ask nicely. But you really are obligated to ask.
I do expect to be  compensated for commercial use. Just ask by contacting me using the contact  form on the home page. Do the right thing. You will feel better about yourself and I will think more highly of you. Have a nice  day.